Equipment for the production, transportation and storage of green hydrogen as electrolysers, generators, batteries, tanks and reinforced thermoplastic pipes

Engineering, Installation and maintenance of solar and wind power generation plants

High pressure thermoplastic pipes and umbilicals reinforced with metal tapes for offshore and onshore applications with working pressures up to 3000psi and temperatures up to 240°F in diameters from 2″ to 8″

High pressure thermoplastic pipes reinforced with polyester or carbon fibres for onshore and pipe rehabilitation applications

HDPE electrofusion and butt fusion fittings and equipment

Artificial oil and gas lifting systems, PCP pumps, ESP pumps, beam pumping units, coiled umbilical and flow controllers

Drilling equipment, tubing, casing, rods, metal pipes and fittings

Heat shrinkage anticorrosion insulating polymer tapes for pipeline repairs, pipe joints, damp-proofing for heating pipes and anticorrosion applications

SIEBC group of companies

perform engineering, installation, civil works and implementation of projects in energy applications of fluid transportation and industrial production

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