• The Industrial group SIEBC performs turn-key engineering projects for transportation and fluid management and control.
  • We analyse and study ways to avoid corrosion in existing infrastructures. We repair, rehabilitate and improve them.
  • We produce special high pressure and high temperature thermoplastic pipes for usage with chemicals and hard-to-reach damaged pipes restoration.
  • We produce anticorrosive coatings with ceramic base, polyurethanes  and special technical components like carbon fibres.
  • We produce cables, umbilical, pumping equipment, instrumentation and geothermal mechanics. 
  • We perform projects and installations for biogas, hydrogen, solar and wind energy production.
  • We perform civil and infrastructure works on projects we participate in.
  • We develop and innovate new products and technologies, using plastic materials, which can be recycled for usage in renewable energy production sources mainly related to gas production.

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